Our Clients

It’s people who make businesses succeed.

“We don’t do business with companies. We do business with people. Business is always human.
If we don’t understand people, we don’t understand business.” – Simon Sinek

We work with clients who value their people, and who understand that supporting how people work together is key to overall business success.

It’s frustrating knowing something is not as it needs to be, yet not being able to put your finger on exactly what that is or what to do.

We work with you to dig deep and determine root causes of your situation. That’s how we can right the ship and create sustainable growth and happier, healthier, more productive workplaces.

Ruth and the team at Kinzel Cadrin & Associates have been instrumental in guiding our organization towards clarity in our vision and strategic direction. They value collaboration, communication, and respect, which have formed the basis for our strong working relationship. I would highly recommend working with Ruth to both new and seasoned leaders alike.

Matt Stefan, Former Executive Director

We’re here to help you develop a more proactive focus on your organization, without compromising your focus on business.

We are very practiced at maintaining complex confidentialities within and between businesses. Here are some of the organizations we’ve recently had the pleasure of working with:



Public Sector

Ruth’s understanding of the HR landscape and leading practices is immense, her delivery style is relatable, engaging, and she makes things simple to put into practice. I’ve benefitted from our rich discussions and the many valuable resources she provides in order for me to explore topics further. Not only is Ruth an amazing teacher, but she’s also a wonderful human being.

Kim Gilbert, Director of Human Resource Development
Ronald McDonald House Charities Saskatchewan