Ruth Kinzel

President & CEO

I found my way to Organizational Development while part of a workplace that handled it badly in the early 1980’s. The experience proved there’s far too much at stake not to do this well. How we work together directly impacts business success, employee well-being, employer reputation, and ultimately those whom the business serves. My sense that quality of work life and business success are interdependent told me there had to be better ways to create the right conditions for business success and employee well-being.

Why then do most organizational development initiatives fail? I needed to know the answer and how to do it effectively, which led me to train as a scholar-practitioner. Two weeks into graduate school, I felt like I’d come home! It was thrilling to learn models, concepts, and names for the things that go on in the spaces between people that I’d always noticed but didn’t know how to make sense of. Thirty-five years later, I’m as passionate as ever about helping to create healthy human systems in service of business excellence.

I have a PhD in Applied Social Psychology and extensive training from the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science, as well as being a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). For decades, I served as a faculty member in Royal Roads University’s Conflict Analysis & Management Graduate Program, a Professional Affiliate of the U of S Department of Psychology, and a faculty member in Executive Education at the Edwards School of Business. I’m also a seasoned MBTI practitioner, and a long-standing mentor in the Betty-Ann Heggie Womentorship Program and volunteer instructor for Leadership Saskatoon. Whatever the context, I bring together relevant and robust theory, research, and practice to help those I serve to address real issues, of real concern, to real people, in real time.

I deeply love our city and province, was raised to contribute to community, and am a life-long learner. I enjoy stimulating conversation, the arts, compelling ideas, and shared laughter. My now adult children have, and continue to be, remarkable teachers. Home and the garden are my sanctuary.

“Broadening perspective is key to identifying root causes and a path for sustainable improvement. There are always more than two sides to a story. Even a coin has a third side – the edge.”