Pierre Cadrin

Managing Partner

Born in rural Saskatchewan, I knew from an early age that my future would involve a life-long focus on understanding what was beyond the horizon. Sixteen years of business services for cities and towns in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and thirty-five years of internal and external consulting gave me direct experience with the good, the bad, and the ugly when it came to leadership practices. Identifying and sharing the foundations for a successful organization is at the core of my work.

I hold Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce and Psychology, an M.A. in Applied Social Psychology, and a Professional Development Certificate from the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science, as well as having been a Chartered Professional in Human Resources. It was Applied Social Psychology that gave me the language and tools to make sense of the inequities I’d observed and experienced in life. My education and research affirmed what I’d already suspected, that organizations who are most successful focus on driving their business and supporting their people. One can’t be sacrificed for the other – it takes both!

My introspection and examination of the world around me has resulted in a commitment to directing my energy toward activities that make the world a more equitable place, from my work to my many years of volunteer community service. Feeling compelled to learn about history even as a young man, my insatiable appetite for reading spans history, science, the economy, politics, and our natural world, and fuels my fascination for complexity, ambiguity, and paradox. Now I’m semi-retired and work on a handful of select projects. When I’m not consumed by my reading, I happily continue to honour my rural roots through cultivating my own backyard.

“There can be a big difference between what people want to hear and what they need to hear. Pierre’s depth of knowledge about organizational workings allows him to speak what needs to be said.”

Robert N. Kavanagh, PhD
(Retired) Associate V.P., Information Technology Services, U of S