Carol Tebay

Executive Assistant

My desire has always been to be of service to others, and I’ve used my strengths in project and event management to accomplish this. My career has taken me from a hotel catering consultant to running my own event management company, Executive Arrangements Event Planning. Along the way, I stopped to also work for Kinzel Cadrin & Associates and decided to stick around.

I began working for Ruth and Pierre in 2012. My love of supporting others in whatever capacity is needed made Kinzel Cadrin a great fit for me. From managing training materials to organizing their lending library, I’ve found ways to put my skills to good use in support of the work of KCA. My love of learning has also made working for Kinzel Cadrin a joy. I’ve learned much about leadership and organizational development, reaping the benefits in both my professional and personal lives. I’ve applied this valuable knowledge in my work with Autism Services of Saskatoon, and in my community work as board president for Burnt Thicket Theatre.

Although I initially referred to Ruth and Pierre as my bosses, over the years they’ve grown to become very dear friends. Their values and professional ethics align with my own, which is something that is very important to me. Not only that, but they treat me in accordance with how they guide their clients.

“They value the human side of business and I truly feel valued in my role. I am proud to be a member of Kinzel Cadrin & Associates, and so happy to support the good work we do!”