Maybe it's a nosedive in morale, a waning of engagement and commitment, increasing turnover or decreasing market share. Maybe you're just tired of hearing people grumble and complain. Maybe things are going well, you want to sustain that, or want to do better. While every client situation has unique features, here are some of the challenges our clients have addressed with our assistance.

A colleague has referred you to KC&A:

  • Someone you know has found us helpful, has learned some useful things, is re-invigorated, clearer, and you want some of what they got.

You need a resource person for a specific purpose:

  • A speaker for a conference or seminar.
  • A group facilitator to support full participation of all key players.
  • A neutral, third party to gather intelligence on specific organizational issues; to evaluate a project or initiative; or to collect and analyze information for a performance review.

You know where you want to go, and need help to figure out how to get there:

  • How to create the conditions for both business success and quality of work life.
  • You're looking for ways to align development at many levels (strategic directions, unit plans and individual growth).
  • You want to accelerate your own and/or your colleagues' personal and professional development in an integrated way.
  • Senior leadership and management teams need accelerated development.
  • You have concerns about recruitment and retention.
  • You're working hard to be an employer of choice.
  • You need to increase employee engagement.

Your current situation is problematic and you need to find a way forward:

  • There's a general concern, a sense that something needs tending to and you're not sure what it is or how to proceed.
  • Your workplace is experiencing problematic dynamics that are getting in the way of accomplishing your purposes.
  • Key decision makers need a sounding board or behind the scenes support.
  • You need help to organize your thinking and efforts.
  • You're short on internal resources to support change efforts.

Past improvement efforts are not delivering expected results:

  • You've invested in leadership development or other training. However, you're seeing a limited return on your investment and you'd like help to apply the concepts and tools to your specific situation.
  • Past change efforts or attempts to address issues brought only temporary relief or are not producing the expected results.

Your workplace or work unit is keen to continue on its road to sustainable excellence:

  • Pursuing excellence, building on a firm foundation to be even better equipped to address challenges.
  • Staying current on leading practices
  • Want contact information about local resource people.
  • You've identified a need to increase effectiveness as well as efficiency and are seeking guidance on how to proceed.
  • You have identified specific organizational concerns or needs and need help to address them.

None of the above:

  • This is not an exhaustive list. We're open to surprises and opportunities to innovate.
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