Attending to the "human" side of your business and addressing organizational issues can dramatically increase your ability to fulfill strategic business priorities. Specialists in workplace human relations, Kinzel Cadrin & Associates Consulting Inc. apply behavioral science and open systems knowledge and thinking skills to workplace settings. We offer organizational diagnosis, strategic planning, change management consulting, coaching, training, education, facilitation, and applied research services.

KC&A works with clients to:

  • improve effectiveness,
  • achieve excellence,
  • enhance the quality of human interaction, and
  • build cultures that successfully integrate human, organizational and business needs.

Our purpose is to create healthy and productive human systems. Every workplace is both a business and an organization. The dimensions of business include, market, niche, consumers, member, purpose, products and services, financing, and the interface with the external environment. The business focus is outward.

Successful workplaces also need to meet the relevant needs of the people who work within that system. The organizational dimension includes leadership, change management, cultures, conflict, teamwork, employee engagement, problem-solving, social and emotional intelligence, generational differences. The organizational focus is inward.

Proactively addressing organizational issues isn't about replacing a focus on your business with a preoccupation with your organization. It is about striking a balance and addressing the tension between these.

Kinzel Cadrin & Associates can help by bringing credible theory, research and practice together to effectively balance business pursuits and organizational dynamics.

In our experience, it's not only business issues that keep people up at night - it's organzational issues; those complex, variable, and often messy patters of human relations