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Throughout our client-focused and client-involved process, your organization can realize many benefits:

  • Authentic, constructive relationships. We consciously bring an inclusive approach to our work, which allows us to work effectively in multi-party situations. We model what we strive to impact.
  • Inclusion of key people and groups. Who needs to be involved to make change happen, and how do you engage them? We pay close attention to the interface among key stakeholders, both internal (division/work team supervisors, project leaders, etc.) and external (clients, suppliers, regulatory regime, partners, etc.).
  • Systematic exploration of needs, goals and resources. We establish clarity about your needs. We do this in consultation with you, through dialogue and working to understand the context of your workplace.
  • Achievable results at each project stage. We can look at clients' operations from the macro to the micro, assessing what's going on with individuals, within sub-groups, between departments and so on. Then we create a staged plan to help you achieve clearly identified results.
  • Unique interventions designed, delivered and debriefed specifically for you. Instead of a canned approach to organizational development, we adapt a wide variety of systems and credible tools to your needs, your goals and your reality. We have a demonstrated capacity to assess and address individual, interpersonal, within group and between group dynamics.
  • Ongoing assessment and feedback. We don't solve our client's problems - we help you learn how to solve them yourselves. That's the basis of a sustainable solution. And we can help you monitor progress and provide feedback to ensure you're moving toward your goals.
  • Outcome evaluation and support follow-up. We leave you better equipped to deal with the many faceted and ever-changing aspects of organizational dynamics within your business. A key hallmark of our success? When you don't need us anymore.
We don't make changes in your organization. We inform your thinking and help build capacity...you make the changes.