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Whatever the situation in your organization, if you're ready to move forward call us at (306) 343-9078. Before doing so, we invite you to collect your thoughts about the following:

  • What leads you to believe something needs to be addressed? What's not working well? What could be working better?
  • What might "fixed" look like? What would be different?
  • What's at stake? How important is it, and to whom, to address the situation?
  • What is your sense of the costs or risks of not moving forward?
  • Why now? What have you tried before now to address the situation?
  • How motivated are you and others in your system, to sort out what improvements are required and how to make that happen?
  • What's working well that needs to continue?

We don't make changes in your organization. We inform your thinking and help build capacity...you make the changes.